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Crisis management & resilience

How to anticipate and react to disruption with digital twins?

On June 14 2022, we had an enriching morning with former-NATO, Thales, Accenture and Cosmo Tech experts to discuss Crisis Management and Resilience!

The virtual conference on How to anticipate and react to disruption with digital twins?” uncovers many strategic, tactical and operational actions that any industry should adopt to face crisis or disruption.

Intervention 1:

How can we better anticipate and prepare for disruptions including with the support of digital twins? 

Jean-Dominique Dulière, former Head of NATO Crisis Responses and Exercises, explains the importance of anticipation in crisis management and his vision of the use of new technologies and simulation so that industrial companies can also build a more robust future. 

Listen to his presentation to learn why anticipation, readiness, preparedness and resilience should be part of the daily life of private sector companies in order to face future strategic shocks.

Intervention 2:

Digital Twins for air traffic management

Olivier Seguin, Head of Business development EMEA-ATC expert at Thales explains how crisis management is done in European airspace and what are its operational and technical challenges. Then, Olivier presents the digital twin contribution value through the demonstration of a joint project with Cosmo Tech on the efficient management of flight plans at the European level.

Watch the video to uncover the role of simulation in the management of unexpected events.

Intervention 3:

Management of contingencies in the supply chain

Thomas Malnoury, Technology Innovation Director at Accenture, along with Romain Ropitault, senior product manager at Cosmo Tech, show how companies can improve supply chain resiliency from operational to strategic level and how Simulation Digital Twins can help companies manage supply chain contingencies.

Access now the video and discover through Accenture and Cosmo Tech joint use case CampusFab how the combination of platforms Cognite Data Fusion, Cosmo Tech Simulation Digital Twins and Microsoft Bonsai is giving the best possible use of available resources to maximize the profit of a coffee production line.


Virtual Conference Crisis management & Resilience – Full Replay