Cosmo Tech Platform

The world’s most powerful co-development platform for modeling complex systems and complex systems simulation. 

A transformational asset management software solution.


The Cosmo Tech Platform is built around three elements that speak to the needs and wants of potential co-development partners.


The first element is the complex systems expertise of the Cosmo Tech team. Cosmo Tech’s team of experts – including 17 Ph.D.’s – is unmatched when it comes to understanding, computing, and modeling complex systems. The analytical thought processes merge with prediction algorithms to provide software solutions (Asset, Plan and Supply Chain) to businesses looking to go further than Big Data. With a combined experience measured in hundreds of person-years encapsulated in the Cosmo Tech Platform, there is not another team on Earth that parallels the complex systems expertise and approaches of the Cosmo Tech team.


The second element is the unique modeling and simulation technology that the Cosmo Tech Platform represents. The Cosmo Tech platform is the world’s only computer simulation software platform that is capable of modeling any complex adaptive system. It employs cutting-edge Augmented Intelligence (the combination of human expertise with artificial intelligence) tools and combines a proprietary modeling language (CosML) with Platform Services and practically limitless configuration and parameterization options to enable the development of replicable, auditable, and scalable software solutions. The capacity to run nonlinear simulations on these models and accurately analyze and predict the impact of any decision is unparalleled. The Augmented Intelligence algorithms allow for the optimization and visualization of your network on a large scale.


The third element is the capacity to scale software solutions. Predictive solutions co-developed by Cosmo Tech and partners on top of the Cosmo Tech Platform are capable of scaling horizontally or vertically. A single use case can be replicated for a new user in the same company or for a new user in another company. Use cases, too, are adaptive and can be coupled, with the solution deployed across an entire business unit, company, or multinational group.


Welcome to the Cosmo Tech Platform:

Complex Systems Expertise. Unique Simulation Technology. Built to Scale.

Augmented Intelligence

Cosmo Tech is transforming the way industry experts are modeling and analyzing their complex systems. Complement your big data and artificial intelligence investments with our augmented intelligence solutions.

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