The Core of Cosmo Tech's Technology

The Fundamental Technology Behind Cosmo Tech


At Cosmo Tech our goal is to develop applications to help the C-suite make optimal decisions. Creating an entirely new application at Cosmo Tech begins with our deep Knowledge of Systems. Cosmo Tech’s engineering, modeling, and simulation teams include specialists in complex systems of all types and draw on this knowledge to help clients describe and explain their own complex industrial systems. Cosmo Tech’s modelers are experts in capturing the institutional knowledge of a client firm and transforming that knowledge into valuable data that means that systems can be modeled as they are rather than as an abstraction.

The core of Cosmo Tech’s technology is the Cosmo Tech¬†Platform.

The Cosmo Tech Platform consists of two interconnected parts: the Studio and the Application Generator.

Drawing on a Template and Model Library, Cosmo Tech engineers and modelers couple the different systems and sub-systems in a business and in an industry together in the Studio.

The resulting models are then transferred to the Application Generator where Cosmo Tech’s proprietary applications are created.

Cosmo Tech’s deep knowledge of complex systems coupled with its versatile and unique CoSMo Platform allows it to successfully model real systems in many different spheres.


Already Cosmo Tech has created an Asset Investment Optimization (AIO) application that has be customized for use by electrical utilities, gas transport and distribution utilities, and transport system operators. Cosmo Tech’s Crisis Management application helps industries and governments determine the optimal response in a time of crisis while the Smart Territories applications have helped industry leaders to model, simulate, and predict everything from the evolution of future energy demands to complex urban planning issues. Cosmo Tech has developed Process Management applications unique to some of the most important segments of the global economy, has worked with a global pharmaceutical firm to develop biopharma applications and epidemics, and is preparing to enter the financial sphere.

While the end-users of Cosmo Tech applications vary by sector, all are provided with a suite of professional services to aid in the smooth implementation of Cosmo Tech applications to their decision management processes.


Cosmo Tech and its partners help clients customise applications to their needs and take advantage of the powerful technology that Cosmo Tech provides to leverage the complexity in their business.