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Eleven languages, sixteen nationalities, one team

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Diverse backgrounds



Cosmo Tech Executive team grounded on diversity and industry-leading experience

Co-Founder, Executive Chairman

Michel Morvan

Co-Founder, Executive Chairman READ MICHAEL'S BIO
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Hugues de Bantel

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer Read Hugues’ Bio
Chief Technical and Operations Officer

Thomas Lacroix

Chief Technical and Operations Officer View Thomas’ Bio
Chief Revenue Officer

Thierry de Lumley

Chief Revenue Officer View Thierry’s Bio
Chief Marketing Officer

Stephanie Kidder

Chief Marketing Officer View Stephanie’s Bio
VP Human Resources

Sylvie Jullian

VP Human Resources View Sylvie’s Bio
Chief Scientific Officer

Pierre-Alexis Gros

Chief Scientific Officer View Pierre-Alexis' bio
Chief Product Management Officer

Nadia Hospital

Chief Product Management Officer View Nadia's bio
Director of Communications

Cindy Renard

Director of Communications View Cindy's Bio




Cosmonauts embrace a pioneering spirit as we set out to change the world. We take pride in charting a new course into complexity, we get excited about moving into the unknown, and we never lose the self-belief that all pioneers have in the brighter future that awaits.



Cosmonauts don’t aim for perfection but we always aim for excellence. Whether writing code, modeling systems, serving clients, or helping our teammates, we strive to achieve the world-class performance worthy of a world-class company



Cosmonauts bring a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to everything we do. We embrace challenges, we ‘bite off more than we can chew’, we commit ourselves to big goals and celebrate when we meet them. At work or at play, Cosmonauts are always optimistic and enthusiastic

Team Spirit

Team Spirit

Cosmonauts work together and, because we do, we succeed together, too. We recognize that working as a team means we can achieve more than we ever could as individuals. Our successes are sweeter because we achieve them together, and we never leave a Cosmonaut behind.

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