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A diverse, dedicated and driven team.

Fast Facts







14 languages, 14 PhD’s, one team.

Our Core Values



Cosmonauts embrace a pioneering spirit as we set out to change the world. We take pride in charting a new course into complexity, we get excited about moving into the unknown, and we never lose the self-belief that all pioneers have in the brighter future that awaits.



Cosmonauts don’t aim for perfection but we always aim for excellence. Whether writing code, modeling systems, serving clients, or helping our teammates, we strive to achieve the world-class performance worthy of a world-class company



Cosmonauts bring a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to everything we do. We embrace challenges, we ‘bite off more than we can chew’, we commit ourselves to big goals and celebrate when we meet them. At work or at play, Cosmonauts are always optimistic and enthusiastic

Team Spirit

Team Spirit

Cosmonauts work together and, because we do, we succeed together, too. We recognize that working as a tema means we can achieve more than we ever could as individuals. Our successes are sweeter because we achieve them together, and we never leave a Cosmonaut behind.

Why Join Us?

  • Cross-functional teams are our backbone: “I have always liked team work, where all members have a role, share ideas, give advice, battle it out during tough times, and celebrate achievements together.”
  • We work on technical projects with high-added value: “This experience gave me the opportunity to learn to work with a huge team on a project with advanced architecture, where a survey of such dimensions cannot be led at school.”
  • We provide transparency at all levels: “Our ‘Ask Us Anything’ breakfasts are a cornerstone of our communication with the Cosmo Tech team – the Cosmonauts.“
  • We have multicultural teams and promote culture sharing “There are also multiple nationalities, which makes for interesting conversations and wonderful stories.”
  • Cosmo Tech is committed every day to promoting the role of women in Tech 34% of our workforce is made up of women and we achieved a 92 /100 score on the Index of Professional Equality between Women and Men (French Ministry of Labor index).
  • We protect the environment by adopting sustainable practices "When I choose the service providers to work with, I make sure they take an eco-responsible approach, just like us."
  • We have fun together: “The warm welcome of my colleagues made me comfortable from the first moment I walked in the door.”

The company values spoke to me: enthusiasm, pioneer, excellence, and team spirit. Those are not just words. Indeed, we can effectively feel them when working on a daily basis at Cosmo Tech.

Become part of the team.

Cosmo Tech is always looking for outstanding candidates to join us.
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Your Candidate Journey

Your first contact

Phone conversation with our talent recruiter to discuss Cosmo Tech, the open position, and your background -> Pre-qualifying interview for both parties

Meetings with HR and your manager

Presentation of our company structure as well as our values. Situational exercises and personality “games”. The first meeting with the manager will be an opportunity to discuss your professional project.

Your exchange with a Cosmonaut

Technical exchange moment with a colleague as well as a presentation of your future team.

You receive our offer

A detailed offer will be communicated by telephone, then by mail. At this stage, you will have all the necessary information to make a decision.

Your work contract

Your work contract will be sent to you before you arrive. Our HR Manager will be available to answer any questions.

Preparation for your arrival

Our Office Manager will contact you to describe your first day and to ensure a smooth arrival.

Your first day and onboarding

Your manager will introduce you to all our teams. Meetings will be pre-scheduled with different Cosmonauts to facilitate integration. Welcome aboard!