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Our activities with our partners and the relationships of trust we build with them are the guarantee that we will lead our customers to success.

All of our partners have recognized expertise in their respective industries and are able to help our customers to more easily solve the challenges that are specific to their business, but also to improve their performance and profitability thanks to the Cosmo Tech platform.

Product Overview

Cosmo Tech Prescriptive Simulation Twins bring a new way of understanding your business ecosystem and supporting decisions, whether from a strategic perspective or for day-to-day operations. Listen to Arnaud Fontaine, ‎Internet of Things Solution Sales, EMEA Global at Microsoft, explain how this partnership will deliver comprehensive and connected, dynamic digital replicas of the most complex ecosystems, to track the past, monitor the present, predict the future and take action.

Partner Testimonial

Leveraging Nexans’ pioneering work in the future of electrification with our deep knowledge in Prescriptive Simulation Twins, the Asset Electrical solution provides visualization, analysis, prediction, and optimization of possible scenarios to provide up to 20% operational efficiency and CAPEX avoidance.

Listen to Jerome FOURNIER, Corporate VP of Innovation, Services & Growth at Nexans discuss the benefits of this offering to customers.

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We believe that this partnership will greatly enhance our range of asset management solutions and we are ready to enter the market together with Cosmo Tech to deliver solutions that will ensure our asset owners get the best of both worlds – engineering expertise and access to world class technology.

Our partner program is for consulting (System Integrators, Advisory firms, service providers and resellers) and technology (Developers and ISVs) companies looking to expand their service offerings.

Features of our partner program include:


  • Foster the development of specialized capabilities
  • Support technical skills development
  • Ensure successful deployments

Sales support

  • Accelerate the sales cycle
  • Increase win rates & deal size

Marketing support

  • Generate demand
  • Build awareness and ensure messaging alignment

Operational infrastructure

  • Provide clear terms of engagement
  • Clear business planning
  • Partner portal

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