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We are excited to share the replay video from the Microsoft AI Showcase event where top industry leaders gathered to showcase the incredible potential and capabilities of Artificial Intelligence.

One of the highlights from the EMEA Manufacturing sessions was the presentation by Michel Morvan, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Cosmo Tech, who shared Cosmo Tech innovative approach for transforming the decision making process in the Supply Chain industry. 

Watch this video-demo to discover how coupling  AI Simulation and chat-driven Generative AI is changing how decisions are taken for Supply Chain.  

Today manufacturing companies are turning to AI simulation because they need to anticipate a future that will certainly not resemble that of yesterday. Decision impact visibility and generating all possible future scenarios is now a requirement. They find in AI Simulation a technology to support the complexity of their organization and address greater uncertainty: every impact and cascading effect of a disruption or a decision can be simulated, including impacts that have not been experienced before, generating unknown scenarios. 


Cosmo Tech partnership with Microsoft tackles a common challenge for many companies: being rich in data but poor in insights. Together, we offer a powerful hallucination-free platform that supports decision-making in some of the world’s most complex industries with better explainability and reliability of results compared to machine learning techniques.

Event Speakers

Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Cosmo Tech

Michel Morvan

Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Cosmo Tech Michel's Bio
General Manager Manufacturing & Mobility EMEA

Rupert Stuetzle

General Manager Manufacturing & Mobility EMEA Rupert's Bio