Cosmo Tech

Cloud Platform Services

A cloud-based architecture that includes a comprehensive suite of services to guarantee scalability, storage, and security.
  • Scalability The Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation Platform can automatically run thousands of simulation scenarios at the same time allowing several users to simultaneously evaluate different options. It is designed to scale up and down in line with business demands, data sizing, performance requirements, and the number of active users. Calculations and accurate predictions can be made over any time scale, whether for the next 15 minutes or the next 50 years.
  • Integrations The Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation Platform supports input data and storage from various data lakes and enterprise applications, including IT and OT data, as well as IIoT and AI data. The platform automatically generates data structures and APIs to connect web and third-party applications. The Dataset Manager, a key component of our web application, simplifies the management of scenario datasets, offering customization of data formats and the ability to import business data through both pre-built and custom integration flows.
  • Data Management Our platform offers tools and services for data integration, cleaning, validation, contextualization, and preparation. It provides a comprehensive data governance and DataOps framework and allows for model reusability and integrations. A distributed persistence twin layer enables the storage and analysis of large volumes of data while the Cosmo Tech REST APIs enable developers to create tailored development workflows.
  • Configurability The Cosmo Tech simulation engine can be configured and made available to system integrators. While tools such as the Modeling Studio makes it easy to create and connect system components, rules, and behaviors, our Web Application allows for scenario settings, editing and sharing, as well as parameter validation and approvals offering advanced options for model, data, and scenario configurations.
  • ISO 27001 Client data is hosted in a dedicated environment to protect data confidentiality and Cosmo Tech is officially ISO 27001 certified. The world's best-known standard for #ISMS (information security management systems), certification means a company has a system in place to manage risks related to the security of data owned or handled by the company, and that this system respects all the best practices and principles.
  • Customization The developer-centric capabilities of the Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation platform provide users with the tools they need to seamlessly integrate and customize the platform according to their needs. Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation software uses pre-built front-end components and can be easily customized for customer specific contexts. On top of this, the solution embeds BI capabilities allowing users to create and customize their own dashboards and benefit from a range of visualization alternatives.