Cosmo Tech

Cloud Platform Services

A cloud-based architecture that includes a comprehensive suite of services to guarantee scalability, storage, and security.
  • Scalable Computing Architecture It is capable of running multiple scenarios at the same time allowing several users to simultaneously evaluate different options. It is designed to scale up and down in line with business demands, data sizing, performance requirements, and the number of active users. Calculations and accurate predictions can be made over any time scale, whether for the next 15 minutes or the next 50 years.
  • Data Storage The Software Platform comes with a distributed data persistence layer that enables the storage and analysis of large volumes of data. REST APIs offer access to structured data to change scenario parameters and analyze simulation results. 
  • Security Client data is hosted in a dedicated environment to protect data confidentiality. The platform employs TLS technologies to perform protection/encryption for sensitive data during network transit.

    The platform supports role-based access control for data, application, and platform resources. Identity Access Management services (including Single Sign-On) compatible with authentication technology standards and are integrated with different directory services.