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Find Your Forward provides leaders and decision-makers a view on how digital twins, simulation and AI can help them act now and lead change through uncertain times.

Solve Complexity

Simulation unlocks the power of the industrial metaverse

By Michel Morvan

The industrial metaverse is arriving to change the way that decisions are made and accelerate transformation for established firms in the face of new rivals.

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How Michelin Uses Simulation Digital Twin Technology to Optimize Its Global Profit Margin by 5%

Webinar hosted by the Digital Twin Consortium

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Simulation Drives Next-Gen Decision Intelligence

By Michel Morvan

As the 19th century drew to a close, the Irish playwright Oscar Wilde wrote that to expect the unexpected is the sign of a thoroughly modern intellect.

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the other metaverse

Companies want to build a virtual realm to copy the real world

Linking the digital and physical worlds could unlock innovation.

One new virtual world deserves real attention: the “enterprise metaverse”. Forget rock stars and fancy frocks, this is essentially a digital carbon copy of the physical economy. Building living, interactive blueprints that replicate the physical world might, in time, come to shape it. The vision of what this might mean has become clearer in recent days.

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Building Digital Twins, Mixed Reality and Metaverse Apps for Businesses

Arnaud Fontaine and Chaffia Aouissi from Microsoft and Nadia Hospital from Cosmo Tech deliver a workshop on how these technologies can drive transformational business outcomes.


Generating a Return on IIoT Data with Simulation

By Michel Morvan

In the last five years investments in Industrial IoT (IIoT) have exploded. In 2016 the IIoT market was already valued at $115 billion and by 2023 it’s expected to touch almost $200 billion. But there’s a problem: while decision makers have access to more data than ever, they aren’t necessarily generating a return on that data.

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Do umbrellas cause car accidentS?

By Pierre-Alexis Gros, Chief Scientist at Cosmo Tech

If a person standing on a street corner opens an umbrella, could they cause a car accident?

Ask an average person and the answer is almost certainly ‘no’. Ask the same of an average AI algorithm, though, and you might be surprised to find that the answer is ‘yes’.

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SolvE Complexity

For Industry, Digital Convergence is No Longer an Option

By Michel Morvan

The pandemic’s impact on our economy is just the latest in a long series of shocks. In our globalized and hyperconnected world, the cascading effects of unforeseen events of all kinds will impact us more and more frequently and only the most adaptable actors will survive.

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Digital Twins Can Drive Optimal Decisions in an Uncertain Auto Industry

By Serge Yoccoz, CEO of DIGITFORHUMAN,
Automotive industry and digital transformation expert

In the auto industry, the global lockdowns in the fight against COVID-19 saw strategies that were once beneficial prove untenable.

The popular notion that “leaner is better” still held true financially, but these lean systems have proved easily disrupted in a world of shutdowns, closed borders, and uncertainty.

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