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Supply Chain Planning

Optimize your manufacturing processes

Case study

How a car manufacturer optimized its operation efficiency in a volatile demand environment and significantly increased its production volumes without additional investment. More about this case study


Cosmo Tech provides the new class of software that acts as a replica of the enterprise's constraints and opportunities and empowers decision makers to achieve full operational efficiency.

Cosmo Tech Supply Chain provides a comprehensive supply chain planning capability that delivers value at every stage of your manufacturing processes. Our solution enables supply chain managers to optimize their flow allocation and stock management to best meet demand while minimizing cost, maximizing the use of available resources and increasing robustness to unexpected events.

Use Cases

Production Planning & Control

Design an Enterprise Digital Twin of your supply chain and optimize your production plans to deliver value at every stage of your manufacturing process. Manage supply, production and demand uncertainties to achieve a new level of operational efficiency and increase profitability.
Production Planning & Control

Factory Planning & Scheduling

Combine detailed factory constraints and process modeling with simulation and optimization capacities to predict bottlenecks, determine optimal production sequences and define the best resource allocation. Integrate uncertainties management to unlock new levels of productivity and throughput control.
Factory Planning & Scheduling