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What-if simulation, how-to optimization and robustness analysis

Gain full visibility on interdependencies, cascading effects and risks in order to identify the best levers for optimal decision.

What-If Scenarios

Simulation gives users visibility on data of a future. It’s a the key enabler for unlimited What-if scenarios that represent variations of this future. The platform handles large modeling and simulation complexity and offers end-users high level of parametrization.
Create unlimited what-if scenarios to consider multiple trade-offs and compare outcomes on different dashboards.
Save and share scenarios with other users to enable collaboration and the creation of consensus. In addition, users can define a scenario as a master plan reference, thus creating a baseline for future analysis.
What-If Scenarios

How-to Optimization and Robustness Analysis

The software platform allows for the use of a set of different optimization algorithms on any Simulation Digital Twin. By separating the Simulation Digital Twin and the optimization algorithms that can be applied to it, the software platform allows the user of the solution to modify simulations on demand. This offers the possibility of pursuing a how-to optimization without ever requiring the intervention of an modeling expert. The same coupling capabilities are available for robustness testing and parameter exploration types of analysis.
How-to Optimization and Robustness Analysis