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Prescriptive Simulation Twins for Supply Chain -
Applications & Live Demo

“Disruption is not a short-term situation, but a long-term trend that will most likely accelerate as we face climate change impacts, global power balance shifts and more” (1)

All industrial organizations experience disruptions. This has been especially true in recent years for supply chains. So how can businesses anticipate and manage supply chain disruptions?

In 2021, Accenture has positioned digital twins as one of the top five strategic technology trends to watch.

Cosmo Tech’s AI-Simulation Platform is helping large manufacturing clients make better, more confident decisions in the face of disruption. These customers are finding significant hidden value in their organizations. They are able to track the past, monitor the present and predict the future of their supply chain to avoid breakdowns while optimizing their operations.

We recently released many new updates to the AI-Simulation Platform. In this webinar that took place mid-December, you’ll see:

  • An introduction of Cosmo Tech’s AI-Simulation Platform for Supply Chains
  • A presentation of the new prescriptive capabilities offered by Prescriptive Simulation Twins
  • A live demo of the platform through some very practical supply chain applications
  • A live Q&A session

Led by Romain Ropitault, Senior Product Manager, and Stephanie Kidder, Chief Marketing Officer at Cosmo Tech, this webinar is a must-attend for any company looking to create a more robust and resilient supply chain!

Stephanie Kidder
Chief Marketing Officer

Romain Ropitault
Senior Product Manager


(1) Gartner, Gartner’s Disruption Management Survey Reveals What Differentiates Fit From Fragile Supply Chains, Simon Bailey, Jennifer Loveland, Geraint John, 16 March 2021

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