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Building for Resilience. Come out of the manufacturing crisis on top.

Webinar: Thursday, May 14 - 5pm CET/11am ET

How to prepare for the next era of manufacturing

Shifts in the manufacturing landscape are already taking place as government leaders are investing more in domestic manufacturing and “bringing supply chains home”. Factor in the shift in the nature of work as manufacturers reel from the impact of 40-50% of the workforce for manufacturers ultimately being unavailable1 to work on-site, and we are facing a new era of the business and processes of manufacturing.

So how can you build resilience now as you develop a response to the current crisis and beyond? Find out from the experts at Nexans, DigitforHuman, and Cosmo Tech in this session.

In the Building for Resilience webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How some manufacturers are reacting to the current situation and planning for a more resilient future
  • What strategies are key to build resilience
  • The unique power of simulation and modeling during the restart process

Led by Michel Morvan, Cosmo Tech Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Jérôme Fournier, Corporate Vice President, Director of Innovation from Nexans, and Serge Yoccoz, Chief Executive Officer of DigitforHuman, this webinar is a must-watch for any company looking ahead at what’s next!


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