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Asset Management Interview Series: Macha Barreau

Next week, Cosmo Tech's third installment of their asset management interview series will feature Senior Consultant and CEO of SnG Consulting Macha Barreau.After two previous interviews with General Secretary of ENTSO-E Laurent Schmitt and founder of Upcurve Limited...

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What’s Next?

The World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen, was once quizzed by Time magazine about how many moves ahead he would consider before moving a piece.“Sometimes 15 to 20 moves ahead,” he replied. “But the trick is evaluating the position at the end of those...

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Cosmo Tech Attends CIFRAMI

Cosmo Tech's Sales and Marketing teams are in Paris this week for CIFRAMI. CIFRAMI is an annual conference organized by IFRAMI, the French Institute of Industrial Asset Management and Infrastructure (Institut Français d'Asset Management Industriel et Infrastructure)....

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Cosmo Tech Heads to E-World in Essen, Germany

Members of Cosmo Tech's Sales and Marketing teams will be attending E-World Essen this week. Taking place in Essen, Germany, E-World is a conference dedicated to energy and water industries and one of Europe's leading energy trade fairs. Exhibitors and visitors come...

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