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Cosmo Tech’s First Successful Hackathon

Cosmo Tech organized its first internal Hackathon at the beginning of September.  Fresh from the summer holidays, Cosmo Tech's Technology Operations Manager, Jean-Baptiste Briaud, headed the two-day Hackathon at the Cosmo Tech headquarters in Lyon. This two-day event...

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Cosmo Tech Premieres Asset Management Series

Today, Cosmo Tech premieres the first interview for their new asset management interview series. The monthly series centers around the challenges, impacts, and trends of rail, electricity, water, transportation, and oil & gas networks. The series looks to feature...

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Michel Morvan Attends CSD&M Asia in Singapore

Cosmo Tech's Executive Chairman and co-founder Michel Morvan will be attending the third Asia-Pacific Conference on Complex Systems Design and Management. Taking place on 6 - 7 December at the National University of Singapore, CSD&M is an opportunity to discover,...

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When is it quicker to walk, than catch a bus?

Marcus Mayers, University of Huddersfield and David Bamford, University of HuddersfieldIt can often be tempting to jump on a bus for a short journey through the city, especially when it’s raining or you’re running behind schedule. Where there are dedicated bus lanes...

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