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Cosmo Tech extends Simulation Digital Twin platform to train AI

Cosmo Tech extends Simulation Digital Twin platform to train AI

Microsoft Project Bonsai’s AI trained with synthetic data, advances autonomous decision making

May 16, 2022 (Lyon) Cosmo Tech today announced the integration of its Simulation Digital Twin technology with the Microsoft Project Bonsai artificial intelligence (AI) powered automation platform. This unique integration of complex simulation software and AI offers industry the capacity to simulate the behavior of a system over any time scale, generate and analyze reality-based data from the future, and use it to train machine learning models, moving closer to autonomous decision making.

Complex organizations face challenges making optimal operational and strategic decisions while lacking full visibility and deep understanding of the impact that their actions will have. Developing advanced control systems is critical to be prepared for uncertain futures and to operate with plans that are resilient in the face of unpredicted shifts in demand, supply, and production. Organizations also face challenges delivering effective recommendations for action and automating decisions with data that is incomplete. These organizations are seeking a solution that enables them to prepare for an uncertain future and leverage their investments in AI to generate robust operational and strategic plans.

Integrating Cosmo Tech’s Simulation Digital Twin platform with Project Bonsai’s AI automation platform delivers a simulation-powered AI that is a leap forward in efficacy and efficiency. Through thousands of virtual experiments, the Cosmo Tech Simulation Digital Twin platform provides an experimental playground to train AI for the real-world complexity of industrial systems. The resulting simulation-powered AI builds resilience in industrial organizations by offering real-time operational control, maximized throughputs, cost reductions, decision intelligence and agility for managers, operators and engineers in the manufacturing, energy, utilities, and smart city sectors. 

“Our technology has long allowed industry leaders to compare scenarios and generate plans to achieve resilience and guarantee robustness in the face of an uncertain future. This new integration with Project Bonsai now empowers leaders to generate synthetic data, run simulations on that data, and advance towards autonomous decision making,” says Cosmo Tech co-founder and Executive Chairman Michel Morvan.

“Customers rely on Project Bonsai to build AI components that can provide operator guidance or make independent decisions in real-time. With the addition of Cosmo Tech’s simulation technology, engineers are able to train those AI components with synthetic data so they can be more confident about a future that was previously uncertain or unknown,” says Cyrill Glockner, Director Business AI, Microsoft.

Cosmo Tech demonstrated its new integration with Project Bonsai at the IoT World Congress in Barcelona with the two technologies combining to model and simulate a smart city. Drawing on both real-time IoT data and the synthetic data from Project Bonsai, the Cosmo Tech Simulation Digital Twin was able to generate action plans to meet financial and sustainability targets.

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Cosmo Tech designs 360° Simulation Digital Twin software that simulates operational strategies to solve the most complex industrial problems and lead enterprise decision-making. This new class of software provides holistic and dynamic digital twin simulation that leverages both predictive and prescriptive analytics. Founded in 2010, Cosmo Tech is a global pioneer in the modeling of complex systems. Leading companies from the manufacturing, automotive, energy, and transport sectors rely on Cosmo Tech’s scalable solutions to better understand the impact of their decisions and ensure a future that is robust, resilient, and sustainable.