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Navigating Complexity and Uncertainty

Prescriptive AI Simulation and Enterprise Digital Twins

Optimize Enterprise Decisioning with AI Simulation

Cosmo Tech brings an AI-Simulation decisioning tool powered by goal-seeking simulations generated from a 360° twin of an enterprise organization. Decision makers use Cosmo Tech software to navigate through complexity and uncertainty. They can either test the impact of a disruption or decision, and set target performance indicators to discover the best path out of millions of possible futures.

What do our clients use Prescriptive Simulation Twins for?


Develop scenarios that involve disruptions in your system to plan for the future. By running simulations including the likes of machine breakdowns, workers’ strikes, and increased costs, you can anticipate how to recover quickly in these events.
Anticipate <br/> disruption

decision making

Uncover which range of parameters and processes to adjust in your digital twin to make complex decisions with confidence. View all the variables that go into decision making, as well as cascading effects from altering them, at a glance.
Improve <br/> decision making

Balance sustainability
and profitability

Predict the environmental impact of each scenario and find emission-reduction opportunities. Find the optimal trade-off between cost, performance, risk of failure and sustainability and plan efficiently for the future
Balance sustainability<br/>and profitability

One Cloud Platform. Endless Innovation.

One Cloud Platform. Endless Innovation.

Prescriptive AI-Simulation Platform

Cosmo Tech provides a single platform that combines deep-system modeling and simulation with a scalable and open framework. We empower any organization to visualize each layer of their operations, their interdependencies, and project them into a short or long-term future in order to prescribe the best operational or strategic optimization.
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Twin your connected ecosystem, simulate the future

Twin your connected ecosystem, simulate the future

While traditional digital twins are replicas of individual machines, the newest class of digital twins can model entire organizations and complex systems that include the evolving dynamics of day-to-day business operations. Cosmo Tech leverages real-time data feed to help decision makers simulate possible futures, understand the impact of each decision, and generate robust action plans to thrive in an uncertain future.

Test unlimited scenarios and create robust action plans

Test unlimited scenarios and create robust action plans

Create unlimited what-if experiments to understand the future and answer: “What could happen?” or investigate how to optimize possible outcomes and answer: “What should we do?”. With your digital testbed, running simulations to determine outcomes is both risk-free and requires minimal resources after configuration.

Break down silos with a holistic view

Break down silos with a holistic view

Data in most organizations is not centralized and exists in silos. What looks like a true picture from one data view, is in fact something else when taken from a holistic view. Move from a siloed, asset-based twin to a holistic, system-based digital twin and create real value for your whole business.

Build on a trusted enterprise-grade platform

Build on a trusted enterprise-grade platform

Cosmo Tech’s cloud native platform powers all the capabilities you need to rapidly deliver new connected solutions at scale. Built on leading cloud services, Cosmo Tech provides you with the security and scalability your business requires.

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Supply Chain

Make value-based decisions and respond quickly to shifts in demand and customer needs by taking a holistic approach to supply chain management. Intelligently plan for all futures and create a resilient supply chain.
Cosmo Tech <br/> Supply Chain

Cosmo Tech

Orchestrate the entire asset lifecycle and understand the balance between asset utilisation, cost control, compliance, and how people, processes, and systems can be maximized for optimal return on asset investment.
Cosmo Tech <br/> Asset

Thanks to Cosmo Tech, our entire network is modeled. When the S&OP process gives a new direction, we can modify the digital twin to quickly get the best production scenario. Every month, we adapt it according to the gap observed between forecasts of customer demand and reality.