Unlock unprecedented value with Enterprise Digital Twins

Virtually simulate strategic and operational choices to understand their impacts before implementing them in the real world.

Unique Augmented Intelligence technology delivers predictive and prescriptive capabilities for industries over the entire value chain.


Digital Twins for

Asset Management

Investment and maintenance optimization

Supply Chain

Optimize production planning and process control

Operation Planning

Simulate complex turnarounds and shutdown

Transforming the way decisions are made using Augmented Intelligence.

Every day, leading brands are using Cosmo Tech to help them accelerate their digital transformation.

In an increasingly complex and data-driven world, we believe people must remain at the heart of the decision and leverage technology. We provide them with data from the future that allows them to virtually test the impact of their decisions before implementing them in the real world.

Unlike traditional Digital Twin approaches that separate strategy optimization and tactical feasibility, we deliver cutting-edge prescriptive capabilities on the entire industrial value chain.  

Cosmo Tech’s Enterprise Digital Twin approach uses¬†Augmented Intelligence, encapsulating human knowledge and expertise in a model, machine learning to power those simulations, and expert human analysis to interpret the results of those simulations. It combines both expertise and algorithms, brain power and computing power to address complex systems as they really are, and helps decision makers select choices and strategies to take advantage of that complexity.

Augmented Intelligence creates an opportunity to meet the challenges of today while never losing sight of the impacts of our decision on tomorrow. It allows us to reduce the risk to the long-term by anticipating those risks in the short and medium-term. It is the key to optimizing the impacts of our decisions on the environment, on our cities, on our industries, and on ourselves; it is the key to taking advantage of complexity.




TSO, DSO, Production






Water Utilities, Wastewater



Rail, Air, Mass Transit


Oil and Gas

Exploration, Refining, Transport


Heavy Industry

Chemical, Petrochemical, Refineries

“We are able to test and validate asset management scenarios that already allow us to optimize their costs by around 10%, with an equivalent level of service for our clients.”

Cosmo Tech Asset Client

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