Cosmo Tech Applications allow business leaders, corporate executives, and the industry C-suite to make optimal decisions in the most complex environments. Cosmo Tech Applications go where big data, data science, and artificial intelligence cannot. They deliver decision makers the augmented intelligence they need to make the best choice and chart the best strategy every time.


The Cosmo Tech Platform is the world’s most advanced complex systems modeling and simulation platform. Capable of modeling any system in any industry and drawing on the expertise of dozens of specialists, engineers, and scientists as well as cutting-edge research in complexity science, the Cosmo Tech Platform is the industry-validated technology that underlies every Cosmo Tech Application.


Augmented Intelligence for Critical Infrastructure

Cosmo Tech’s Asset Investment Optimisation application delivers Augmented Intelligence to utilities to drive optimal decision making for the C-suite. Whatever your utility network and no matter whether you are planning asset investment, asset maintenance, or asset renewals, Cosmo Tech’s Augmented Intelligence ensures that your choices are the best they can be.


Explore FLUID, Cosmo Tech’s crisis management application for water utilities.



The new eBook from Cosmo Tech


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