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Empowering confident decision-making in an uncertain world

your business with a Simulation Digital Twin

Cosmo Tech designs software solutions using Simulation Digital Twins to plan for the unexpected and achieve full efficiency. Leading companies from the manufacturing, automotive, energy, and transport sectors rely on Cosmo Tech solutions to better understand the impact of their decisions and ensure the robustness, resiliency and sustainability of their plans.

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Supply Chain

Make value-based decisions and respond quickly to shifts in demand and customer needs by taking a holistic approach to supply chain management. Intelligently plan for all futures and create a resilient supply chain.
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Orchestrate the entire asset lifecycle and understand the balance between asset utilisation, cost control, compliance, and how people, processes, and systems can be maximized for optimal return on asset investment.
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Cosmo Tech

Turnarounds and outages are complex, high-risk events. Build realistic and robust plannings, taking into account all real operational constraints. Prevent bottlenecks and conflicts and execute your planning with more confidence.
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A unique technology platform to maximize return on data

Powerful simulation platform for data-driven prediction and prescription, no matter your industry. Our cloud-based technology platform combines the data and expertise that you have in your organization. Run boundless what-if scenarios and how-to optimizations to find strategic, organizational, financial plans and empower robust decision-making.
  • Systemic simulation & optimization Go beyond predictions based on historical data and bring new level of flexibility to your simulation. Our technology considers cascading effects and emerging behaviors for accurate prescriptions.
  • Planning your whole business Take advantage of our proprietary modeling language to model complex scenario at enterprise scale. Plan ahead and rapidly adapt to change.
  • Capturing uncertainty in an uncertain world Measure risk and get resilient & optimal strategies to robustify decision making.
  • Leverage existing data-based AI tools Magnify impact of data investments on decision making.
  • Data of the future to grow AI Leverage simulation data to train and test AI models in a risk-free, virtual environment and enhance monitoring, situational awareness, and failure detection in any situation even when data is missing.
  • Cloud-native technology Integrate seamlessly within data-lake, IoT & AI environments and equip your business with the ability to facilitate data-sharing with stakeholders across the entire enterprise.

Case Studies

Production Planning

Achieving Production Planning Excellence

How a car manufacturer extended their car production with the same capacities, considering a volatile demand, a complex production process, and production flow bottlenecks.

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Asset Obsolescence

Optimize Operational Asset Investments

How an international car manufacturer built an optimal OPEX/CAPEX asset investment plan to replace and renew obsolete equipment and control risk exposure.

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Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling

Optimize Your Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling

How a car manufacturer took into account complex production sequences and met the needs of their dynamic supply chain.

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Asset investment

Optimize Your Strategic Plan

How an electricity transmission system operator delivered an optimized, transparent, and justifiable strategic business plan to align internal and external stakeholders and win their tariff case.

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Mobility Transportation

Build a Robust Rail Network

How a rail network operator balanced OPEX, CAPEX, and risk to make optimal decisions to ensure the robustness of their strategic plan.

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Asset Maintenance Policy

Optimized Maintenance Policies

How an electricity transmission system operator optimized maintenance policies to lower OPEX and CAPEX and elevate service quality.

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digital twin

With Cosmo Tech, we have found a tool that allows us to identify bottlenecks in our flows and suggest areas of improvement.