Cosmo Tech Supply Chain

An Enterprise Digital Twin solution that enables manufacturers to optimize the coordination between production and demand. 

Boost productivity and unlock the value in your production plan.


An Enterprise Digital Twin for Manufacturing

Cosmo Tech Supply Chain is an Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, powered by a unique and proprietary Augmented Intelligence platform, enabling manufacturers to model their supply chain network. This Enterprise Digital Twin has been designed with the help of leading industrial manufacturers, supply chain managers, and process control engineers.


Complex Challenges Demand Comprehensive Solutions

Modern manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly complex and manufacturers are under constant pressure to meet tighter delivery targets to accomplish their growth objectives, minimize inventory and reduce costs. Production planning within and between plants is the foundation to achieving these objectives. Without a comprehensive production plan, the operations team lack the foresight and coverage needed to assess the impact of all potential events.


Maximize Productivity, Optimize Coordination.

With Cosmo Tech Supply Chain, production planning managers can create a realistic and exhaustive digital twin of their plants. This includes mapping out the production lines, the different flows of parts, transport, and stock while accounting for multiple constraints. This solution also manages volatile demand, both short and long term, as well as different contractor agreements.


Simulate, Predict, Compare, Decide.

Production planning managers can simulate their initial production plan and identify crucial bottlenecks. Through “what-if” scenarios, such as modifying production assets or reducing transport times, Cosmo Tech Supply Chain can predict the impact of different potential decisions on future manufacturing strategies. As a result, this Enterprise Digital Twin ensures that every decision is optimal. 


The Power of Augmented Intelligence

Delivering the holistic view that decision makers demand and the data and expertise that the C-level craves, Cosmo Tech Supply Chain is a next-generation digital twin that ensures the unpredictable doesn’t become the inevitable.

Solution Brief

Want to know more about Cosmo Tech Supply Chain? Download the Solution Brief and read all the technical aspects of Supply Chain and how you can use it to optimize your industrial processes. 

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