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Optimize your manufacturing planning and scheduling

Manage complex production sequences and meet the needs of your dynamic supply chain.

Key Facts

Increase production throughput

Reduce stock levels

Reduce cycle times

The Challenge

The Challenge

Our client is the Production Manager of a leading automotive manufacturer. He is responsible for supervising, developing and leading the sheet metal production line.


As a rule of thumb, a typical automotive body is comprised of many sub-assemblies each made with different parts. Each part has a specific manufacturing process and cycle time. In this context, when it comes to production scheduling and sequencing at our client’s plant, he needs to simultaneously balance customer service, costs and utilization while respecting complex manufacturing constraints and rules.


Consequently, with all that in mind, he sought to find a tool that could find the optimal production sequence, amount and location of parts to achieve his daily production target, avoid bottleneck situations and deliver on time. He deployed the Cosmo Tech Supply Chain software solution.

Main Benefits

Unlimited what-if scenarios

Unlimited what-if scenarios

Design & simulate scenarios to predict the impact of your decisions on your whole organization
How-to optimization

How-to optimization

Prescribe the best operational strategy for your supply chain at any time scale and supporting your KPIs
Sensitivity analysis

Sensitivity analysis

Test robustness to unexpected events to mitigate risks and improve your production plan


Using Cosmo Tech Supply Chain, a realistic and exhaustive Prescriptive Simulation Twin of the whole plant and sheet metal production line was deployed. The solution was designed to:


  • model the sheet metal production line
  • model our client’s complex flows 
  • respect dynamic manufacturing constraints (storage space, resource capacities, demand priority rules…)
  • model links between sub-assembly parts to minimize production stops due to parts shortage


Unlike competing digital twin platforms that rely on data exhaustivity and multiple digital twins organized in silos, our Prescriptive Simulation Twin embedded what was necessary to simulate our client’s supply chain.

Cosmo Tech Supply Chain enabled us to predict our production capacity and define the best production sequence to maximize it.



Thanks to Cosmo Tech Supply Chain’s sequencing module, the Production Manager succeeded in:

  • smoothing the production throughput
  • maximizing production capacity
  • reducing production lead time
  • improving On Time In Full (OTIF)
  • minimizing stock levels

Solution Overview

Cosmo Tech Supply Chain, our Pre-packaged Simulation Twin Solution for Factory Planning & Scheduling is designed for enterprises looking to improve the way they plan their manufacturing operations within a complex supply chain network.

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