An Enterprise Digital Twin solution that enables manufacturers to optimize the coordination between production and demand. 

Boost productivity and unlock the value in your production plan.


An Enterprise Digital Twin for Manufacturing


Manufacturers face increasing challenges to maximize both customer satisfaction and profitability. Modern industrial supply chains are more complex and one disruption can impact an entire organization. They need a technology that allows them to master cascading effects across the entire value chain and ensure their action plan remains robust.

Industry leaders rely on Cosmo Tech’s Enterprise Digital Twins to simulate and optimize their operational efficiency and respond to these challenges.

Virtually test

Generate a virtual replica of the dynamic functioning of your business and operational systems and simulate unlimited scenarios to make optimal decisions.

Unlock hidden value

Visualize all causes and cascading effects and find unsuspected ways to execute your strategy effectively.

Easily implement & scale

Our Enterprise Digital Twins can be easily configured and adapted to relevant use cases without any significant mobilization of your resources.

Thanks to Cosmo Tech, our supply chain network is modeled. As soon as a variable changes, we can easily recalculate the optimum.

– Supply Chain Expert at a leading automobile manufacturer

Supply Chain Solution Brief

Want to know more about Cosmo Tech Supply Chain? Download the Solution Brief and read all the technical aspects of Supply Chain and how you can use it to optimize your industrial processes. 

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