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Achieve Production Planning Excellence

How a car manufacturer managed to optimize its operation efficiency in a volatile demand environment and significantly increase its productivity.

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The challenge

The challenge

Our client is an international car manufacturer that has to adapt to a very competitive market and uncertain environment. He needed to boost the production of specific engines to meet an increasing demand with the same capacity. 


The company’s main challenge was to ensure that the production of assembled engines met customer demand, every week, over a fifty-two week period. They needed a software solution that could anticipate the effect of bottlenecks on the whole organization and take into account the following factors:

  • capacity variability over time
  • shared resources between products with different cycle times
  • multiple resources capable of manufacturing the same product 
  • demand volatility
  • lead times
  • storage capacity

Main Benefits

Unlimited what-if scenarios

Unlimited what-if scenarios

Design & simulate scenarios to predict the impact of your decisions on your whole organization
How-to optimization

How-to optimization

Prescribe the best operational strategy for your supply chain at any time scale and supporting your KPIs
Sensitivity analysis

Sensitivity analysis

Test robustness to unexpected events to mitigate risks and improve your production plan


With Cosmo Tech Supply Chain, a realistic and exhaustive Enterprise Digital Twin of the whole engine production system was deployed. The solution was designed to:

  • Model our client’s multiple production sites and complex flows (factories, product diversity, stocks, transports…)
  • Model real-world constraints (equipment capacity, labor shifts, lead-times…)
  • Include all necessary data (demand, contractors’ agreements, production output, bill of materials, routings…)

Thanks to the Cosmo Tech optimization algorithm, tens of thousands of simulations were executed to create, in less than 20 minutes, the optimal production plan with the current supply chain configuration. 

Using our simulation software solution, the production planning manager was able to identify crucial bottlenecks on two heat treatment machines. He easily experimented with various realistic what-if scenarios and in this specific case, found that the optimal solution to meet demand was to negotiate with one specific contractor and increase the amount of products coming from his factory.

Thanks to Cosmo Tech, our supply chain network is modeled. As soon as a variable changes, we can easily recalculate the optimum.



With Cosmo Tech Supply Chain, our client was able to significantly increase the number of manufactured engines and created value in less than a quarter.

By using our Enterprise Digital Twin solution, our client was able to: 

  • respond to demand on time
  • maximize production of specific engines
  • optimize production line efficiency 

Contrary to traditional approaches which cannot test this level of detail and do not consider time or uncertainty, Cosmo Tech Supply Chain provided a dynamic simulation-based optimization method to solve our client’s complex supply chain problems.

Solution Overview

Cosmo Tech Supply Chain, our Enterprise Digital Twin solution for Production Planning & Control, is designed for enterprises looking to transform the way they plan their complex supply chain network. Our solution enables manufacturers to save millions in efficiency gains every year by optimizing their factory production decisions.
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