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Speed up modification implementation process

Manage and adjust numerous projects in a highly constrained environment to implement costs savings plans.

Value creation

Increase Annual Savings

Increase modification processes efficiency

Anticipate resource bottlenecks

The Challenge

The Challenge

Our client is an international car manufacturer evolving in a very competitive market, where there is a downward demand with an aggressive price competition and strong pressure on production costs. They need to reduce production costs as much as possible by choosing new materials for their car production.


There are many changes to implement in car production comprised of numerous tasks, from models to design, technology and process point of views. The goal is to ensure that the modifications will be implemented as soon as possible in order to maximize cost savings on production, without disturbing other on-going activities.

Main Benefits

What-if scenarios comparison

What-if scenarios comparison

Design and simulate strategies to predict the impact of your decisions on your resources and project portfolio.
 Planning sensitivity analysis

Planning sensitivity analysis

Analyze the sensitivity of your planning by running several simulations at once, each introducing pre-configured unexpected events.
 Planning execution management

Planning execution management

Regularly update the planning to identify future potential bottlenecks and test decisions ahead of time.


They needed to have a solution that could help them implement these modifications in addition to their current planning, taking into account their constraints, anticipate bottlenecks & cascading effects.


With Cosmo Tech Plan, they created a Prescriptive Simulation Twin of their planning. This process included considering different constraints such as:

  • Human Resources availability,
  • Variable / Fixed Task Duration;
  • Dynamic priority evolution.

Cosmo Tech Plan supports you in designing a realistic, reliable and manageable plan in a highly constraining field requiring the execution of numerous interdependent tasks.



By re-prioritizing certain tasks, the production planning manager was able to save production costs by 8% while implementing the new modification on time, but not all modifications already planned. By subcontracting certain tasks for the testing phase, it will allow him to respect all initially defined deadlines and achieve 9% cost savings.


As a result, our customer found that the optimal solution was to subcontract testing phase for this implementation of the modification, because it will allow him to respect deadlines and achieve the best objectives in terms of cost savings on production.


With Cosmo Tech Plan, our production planning manager was able to:

  • Build a smoother and more resilient product modification planning;
  • Identify and overcome bottlenecks,
  • Manage multiple high-impact improvement projects simultaneously,
  • Target team reinforcement efforts,
  • Forecast expected savings and evaluate the best solution to implement modifications.

Solution Overview

Cosmo Tech Plan, our Pre-packaged Simulation Twin Solution for Automotive Retrofit, enables production planning managers to be on-time and on-budget, be more confident with their planning activities and improve overall visibility to make justified decisions.

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