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Production Line Changeover

Achieve continuous production flow with quick production changeover and process optimization.

Rapid production line changeover for Agile Manufacturing

Maximize pull-through production, reduce costs associated with inventory, improve on-time delivery and stay profitable


Cosmo Tech Supply Chain is designed for enterprises looking to maximize production efficiency and decision-making processes. Our solution helps manufacturers maximize pull-through production, reduce costs associated with inventory, improve on-time delivery, and stay profitable.

In today’s fiercely competitive economy, businesses face intense pressures to boost production efficiency while meeting increased customer demands. Moreover, the high-mix production environment has resulted in many more production line changeovers than a few years ago.

The downtime associated with changeover and having the right information about what needs to be done next constitute one of the major factors in terms of capital productivity and cost reduction. Thus, rapid changeover is critical to reducing production downtime, improving product flow, and maintaining profit.

The advanced capabilities of Cosmo Tech 360° Simulation Digital Twin platform help manufacturers: 

  • Reduce the time spent during production changeover and optimize production processes by running unlimited “what-if” predictions and “how-to’ prescriptions.
  • Uncover which range of parameters and production processes to adjust and make complex decisions with confidence.
  • Develop scenarios that involve disruptions in the system to plan for the future. 

Key Results

Agility <br>& operational efficiency

& operational efficiency

The ability to changeover effectively helps with equipment availability and improves product flow in the value stream.
Cost <br> reduction


When changeover is small, not only can you level production more easily and meet demand but also minimize excess inventory.
Increased <br> production capacity

production capacity

Improved changeover procedures help recover valuable production time. When you cut changeover time in half, you can produce twice as many.

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Optimize Operational Asset Investments

How an international car manufacturer built an optimal OPEX/CAPEX asset investment plan to replace and renew obsolete equipment and control risk exposure.

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