Software solutions to optimize supply chain operations in the automotive sector.

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Augmented Intelligence for the Automotive Sector.

You are a production control manager responsible for finding an optimal production strategy handling both client demand and stock levels.

Between several factories and many machines, managing your process and finding bottlenecks before they happen requires careful planning and coordination between manufacturing and sales. 

Finding a good strategy relies on time consuming try-and-evaluate iterations that don’t take into account the unavoidable variability of your processes. 

Thanks to Cosmo Tech Supply Chain, you can now rapidly simulate multiple production strategies and automatically find the optimal ones by evaluating performance based on costs, gains, and delivery time. Optimize the coordination between teams to answer customer demand in the shortest time possible.

You now have the key to managing your complex system while maintaining high standards of service and mitigating risk. 


Maximize your productivity with optimized production planning and scheduling.


Optimize the coordination between manufacturing and sales to answer customer demand in the shortest possible time. 

“Thanks to Cosmo Tech Supply Chain, Renault will be able to produce an additional 35,000 vehicles in the next six months. This represents not only an increase in productivity and output, but an additional $350 million in annual revenue.”

Aimé-Frédéric Rosenzweig – Expert Leader Supply Chain at Renault

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