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Build a realistic and resilient planning

Build planning with confidence by mastering the joint impact of domain constraints.

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The challenge

The challenge

Our client is a leader in the nuclear industry preparing his annual turnaround. Turnaround planning involves organizing numerous interdependent tasks (10,000), stakeholders, multiple resources and operational constraints, which is hard, time-consuming and involves incoherencies and inconsistencies due to domain complexity.


The company’s main challenge was to be sure this planning was realistic, which was not the case in the past due to inconsistencies in the planning. They needed a solution that could help identify incoherencies and bottlenecks on the current planning in order to have a realistic and resilient planning.

Main Benefits

Resource leveling

Resource leveling

Schedule tasks according to their constraints & interdependencies and adjust your resources to prevent overallocation and save time during the turnaround preparation.
Crash test

Crash test

Assess the planning’s feasibility by running simulation, analyzing global and local issues and testing action levers impact to build a realistic and reliable plan.
Planning sensitivity analysis

Planning sensitivity analysis

Analyze the sensitivity of your planning by running several simulations at once, each introducing pre-configured unexpected events. Assess the planning’s resilience via aggregated KPIs and analyze the impact of your mitigation plan.


Turnaround managers needed to be able to have an overview of all relevant data (PPM tools, structured data, business processes and resources) to build a realistic and reliable plan in order to avoid bottlenecks and cascading effects, respect delays and be confident when executing their planning.


Cosmo Tech created a Prescriptive Simulation Twin of his preparation planning, which considers different business processes and resources such as :

  • Human Resources Availability,
  • Stock Equipment Resources availability,
  • Room Congestion,
  • Dynamic priority evolution,
  • Equipment Lockout/Tagout,
  • Variable/Fixed Task Duration.


The turnaround planning manager was quickly able to determine what to do, when, and how.

Cosmo Tech Plan supports you in designing a realistic, reliable and manageable plan in a highly constraining field requiring the execution of numerous interdependent tasks.



With Cosmo Tech Plan, the turnaround planner was able to detect and fix logistical inconsistencies during the preparation phase.


By using our Pre-packaged Simulation Twin Solution, our client was able to:

  • Identify inconsistencies and incoherencies in the planning;
  • Virtually test “what-if” scenarios to make justified and optimal decisions for his planning;
  • Start his turnaround maintenance with more confidence.

Solution Overview

Cosmo Tech Plan, our Pre-packaged Simulation Twin Solution for Turnaround Planning, is designed for turnaround planning managers to help them make optimal decisions through a realistic and reliable plan.

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