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Optimize Your Asset Business Plan

Deliver an optimized, transparent, and justifiable strategic business plan to align internal and external stakeholders.
The challenge

The challenge

Our client is a European Electric Transmission Utility that needs to deliver short-term operational efficiency as well as long-term strategic investments in the transmission network to ensure future reliability, all while operating within the constraints of a budget fixed following a rate case presented to regulators.


This electric utility is challenged to maintain operational efficiency in the short term in order to continue day-to-day operations within the existing budgetary, regulatory, and environmental constraints. At the same time, the shifting energy market, the arrival of distributed energy resources, and the need to incorporate renewables into a grid built in the middle of the last century demand a long-term vision.

Main Benefits

Unlimited Simulations

Unlimited Simulations

Design and simulate unlimited scenarios in order to identify the optimal business plan for the short and long-term


The impact of every choice is laid clear and there are no hidden or black-box calculations.
Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis

Test robustness to unexpected events in order to mitigate risk and optimize your business plan


With Cosmo Tech Asset a realistic Prescriptive Simulation Twin of the electric utility’s network was deployed. This Prescriptive Simulation Twin included all elements of the network including:

  • Transmission lines
  • Transmission towers
  • Electricity sub-stations


In addition, the Prescriptive Simulation Twin modeled:

  • Human resources, including maintenance teams, their skill sets, and their geographical distribution
  • Constraints, including environmental, budgetary, and regulatory limits and rules
  • Geographical and climate-related impacts on the electric utility networks

Using Cosmo Tech Asset, our client was able to develop a strategic business plan that achieved short-term operational efficiency while also ensuring the long-term viability and reliability of the network in the face of significant constraints.


When making its case for a new tariff to national regulators, the electric utility was able to justify its strategy by pointing out the impacts of its strategic choices, transparently explaining why its proposed business plan was best.

Dynamic simulations using a digital twin help organizations make better decisions, not based on guessing or data from the past, but with visibility on the impact of their decisions before they are implemented or even during the unknown.



With Cosmo Tech Asset our client was able to produce and defend an optimized strategic business plan that ensured short-term operational efficiency as well as long-term robustness and reliability. It was also able to:

  • Simulate their entire network including physical assets, human resources, and business constraints
  • Understand the impacts of each and every choice on the reliability of their network
  • Build an optimal strategic business plan that ensures short-term and long-term robustness
  • Justify their strategic choices to external stakeholders and regulators in a rate case


Unlike traditional or competing approaches, Cosmo Tech Asset allows the client global visibility on their network and its current and future challenges.

Solution Overview

Cosmo Tech Asset, our Prescriptive Simulation Twin for asset-intensive industries, is designed for enterprises seeking to optimize their operational efficiency, strategic planning, asset management, and asset performance. It offers

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