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Prescriptive Simulation Twins for Asset Management -
Applications & Live Demo

Numerous factors like pandemics, financial instability, demand volatility, climate change and energy transition create an increasingly unpredictable future and thus difficulties to define future assets for both the manufacturing industry and the energy sector.

So how can companies build agility and resilience during these uncertain times?

End of 2021, Gartner released a report on “The Ongoing March Toward Intelligent Assets”(1) and identified the creation of digital twins as a key milestone after “OT alignment” and “IT-OT integration” to achieve asset intelligence.

Cosmo Tech’s AI-Simulation Platform is helping asset-intensive companies rethink their asset strategies for maximum return. Our customers adopt a systemic approach that enables their asset managers to understand the impacts of short term decisions on long term performance, and thus to make optimal decisions. They can balance costs, risk and performance over the lifecycle of an asset in order to maximize its performance and value.

We recently released many new updates to the AI-Simulation Platform. In this webinar, you’ll see:

  • An introduction of Cosmo Tech’s AI-Simulation Platform for Asset Management
  • A presentation of the new prescriptive capabilities offered by Prescriptive Simulation Twins
  • A live demo of the platform through some very practical asset management applications
  • A live Q&A session

Led by Witold Krasny, Senior Product manager, and Stephanie Kidder, Chief Marketing Officer at Cosmo Tech, this webinar is a must-watch for any company looking to create a sustainable and optimal asset management strategy!


Stephanie Kidder
Chief Marketing Officer

Witold Krasny
Senior Product Manager



(1)The Ongoing March Toward Intelligent Assets. Published 28 January 2022. By Analyst(s): Rich McAvey, Simon Cushing

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