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Traditional vs Resilient Supply Chain Planning:
Which side are you on?

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In this webinar, Cosmo Tech, Microsoft, and DigitforHuman will give insights and actionable next steps on how to build a resilient supply chain planning strategy that will work across your entire organization.

Find out which technology investments will give you the highest and fastest ROI — and which trends to avoid.

You’ll have the opportunity to gain:

  • A deeper view of the 10 elements of a resilient supply chain according to Gartner

  • Tips based on real-life use cases from the automotive and general manufacturing industries

  • Next steps to ensure resiliency in your supply chain strategy

  • Insights for more collaborative, real-time planning from Microsoft and automotive supply chain leaders

Our Speakers:

Serge Yoccoz, President, DigitforHuman

Dimitri Obolensky, Industry Digital Strategist, Automotive at Microsoft

Romain Ropitault, Senior Product Manager, Cosmo Tech

Stephanie Kidder, CMO, Cosmo Tech

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