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[Webinar] Asset Investment Planning & Risk Assessment

[Webinar] Asset Investment Planning & Risk Assessment

Watch our on-demand webinar “Asset Investment Planning & Risk Assessment” to learn about how to get accurate simulation and calculation of the consequence of Failure.



  • Asset Management is the key to face challenges such as energy transition, aging and stakeholder expectations
  • Asset Management is different from managing assets
  • Cosmo Tech platform, integrate a risk value framework (CNAIM / NOMS), your planning and budget cycle
  • Cosmo Tech’s AI-Simulation software allows you to manage an asset management process based on topology / CoF based risk assessment
  • Two main benefits from using an AI-Simulation software:
    • Save money by optimizing the asset management process
    • Reduce risk by having better visibility of all the risks that exist at each step


Presented by:

Bram Alkema, Asset Management Professional at Nexans


Watch the video: