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crisis management & resilience

How to anticipate and react to disruption with digital twins?

Health crises, wars and climate change are just a few examples of the many disruptions that have become part of our daily lives. At the company level, these disruptions cause delays in production and a considerable loss of earnings. It is no longer enough to wait for the storm to pass, companies need to anticipate possible crises to improve the likelihood of thriving, rather than simply surviving, through the next major disruption.

Watch now the virtual conference replay with crisis management experts to better understand how large companies can overcome the hazards of uncertainty thanks to digital twins.

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The conference started with an exclusive presentation by Jean-Dominique Dulière, former Head of Crisis Responses and Exercises at NATO, who explained the importance of anticipation in crisis management and his vision of the use of new technologies and simulation so that industrial companies can also build a more robust future.

After a short introduction of  Cosmo Tech’s Prescriptive Simulation Twins by Romain Ropitault, Senior Product Owner at Cosmo Tech, the next speaker will be Olivier Seguin, Head of Business development EMEA-ATC expert at Thales. Olivier talked about a joint project with Cosmo Tech on the efficient management of flight plans at the European level thanks to digital twins. He shared his experience on the role of simulation in the management of unexpected events.

Finally, Thomas Malnoury, Technology Innovation Director at Accenture, along with Romain, guided us through Cosmo Tech’s AI-Simulation Platform and presented a use case designed in collaboration with Accenture on the management of contingencies in the supply chain.

Jean-Dominique Dulière

Former head of NATO crisis response systems and exercises

Jean-Dominique DULIÈRE is an international Civil Servant, and the Head of the Crisis Response Systems and Exercises Section (CRSE) in NATO Headquarters Brussels (NATO International Staff – Operations Division). The CRSE section supports the work of the North Atlantic Council, including through the Council Operations and Exercise Committee (COEC).



Jean-Dominique Dulière has been leading until recently and for more than ten years in Brussels, NATO’s crisis response systems and high level exercising in order to prepare the Alliance for potential unpredictable scenarios, crises and conflicts. Before that, he worked for the French Ministry of Defence including at Interagency level.

For him, anticipation is mandatory; and readiness, preparedness and resilience to future strategic shocks should form part of the everyday work of private companies, as most recently demonstrated by the devastating effects of the Covid crisis and of the Russia and Ukraine crisis on several large firms. In addition, in a world of interdependencies, some useful tools can assist large companies in anticipating or in assessing the cascading effects of strategic shocks and help them to mitigate them.

Olivier Seguin

ATM business development Director for EMEA area, Thales

In charge of the ATM Business development for the Europe zone and Air Traffic Control Systems expertise.

  • Aviation digital transformation
  • ATM Cyber security
  • Virtual ATC centres and Virtual Remote Towers
  • ATM digital plateforme

Thomas Malnoury

Technology Innovation Director, Accenture

With a significant experience in consulting in different European countries on large scale projects (Banking & Airline Industry in particular), Thomas has a clear vision on end to end project lifecycle as well as strong communication, leadership skills.

Technology focused, Thomas considers a good IT solution is based on a deep understanding of business processes and strategy. He’s a strong believer that Technology and Design are Innovation catalyzers.

Romain Ropitault

Senior Product Manager, Cosmo Tech

Romain is Senior Product Manager at Cosmo Tech and is in charge of supply chain simulation and optimization of digital twins combining efficiency, resilience and sustainability mechanisms.

He holds a Master’s degree in Industrial and supply chain Engineering from Grenoble National Polytechnic Institute.

He has a 10 ten-year consulting background in operations and supply chain transformation where he held project lead and industry 4.0 offer manager responsibilities.