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[Optimal Webinar Replay] Optimizing your Asset Management TOTEX

[Optimal Webinar Replay] Optimizing your Asset Management TOTEX

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Optimizing your Asset Management TOTEX

The Energy & Utilities sector, like many others, faces some of the typical Asset Management challenges, such as ageing of the assets, need to align Strategic Decisions with the Operational Plans and requirement for investment in Network Modernisation and Expansion. Implementing a Prescriptive Simulation Twin can provide a significant advantage in addressing these challenges with a view to a long term vision, especially when it comes to optimising your asset investment.

In this webinar, get insights from Monika Gerrie, Asset Care Center Manager and Ismaila Kwamena, Graduate Asset Reliability Engineer at Optimal on what Prescriptive Simulation Twins are and watch a live demo of how an electricity distribution operator used Cosmo Tech Asset to reduce their TOTEX by 8% for their Low Voltage Transformers.