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IoT and Prescriptive Simulation Twins for Energy Utility Asset Management

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Experts from Microsoft, Nexans, Groupe E and Cosmo Tech are explaining how IoT tools, Prescriptive Simulation Twins and hybrid AI are revolutionizing the energy industry by helping grid operators optimize the value of their assets.

Budgetary, regulatory, and environmental challenges make it difficult to visualize and deliver on short-term operational efficiency and long-term strategic investments. In this webinar, Cosmo Tech, Microsoft, Nexans and Groupe E cover Prescriptive Simulation Twins, our simulation platform deployed with Microsoft Azure, and how it creates dynamic replicas to help the energy and utility sector operate efficiently and within capacity.

See how Groupe E used digital twins and hybrid AI to help optimize their power network transformation.

Watch this webinar to learn how predictive AI Simulation is modernizing today’s energy grids..

In this webinar, our experts are presenting:

  • Common challenges faced by energy operators and solutions brought by digital twins
  • Nexans’ vision to tackle future energy grid challenges with digital twins
  • Examples of ROIs from clients
  • A practical use case on the optimization of a global smart metering program from Groupe E