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The systemic approach to 360° asset lifecycle management

How to reconcile operational & financial performance?
The systemic approach to 360° asset lifecycle management

In this webinar experts from IBM and Cosmo Tech are explaining how a systemic approach to 360° asset lifecycle management can enable leaders to make better asset investment decisions and reconcile operational and financial performance over the long term.

Faced with a critical investment decision, companies still struggle to extract crucial information from the vast amount of operational and financial data available. However, it is an important exercise for leaders in asset intensive organizations to fully understand how to best reconcile the operational performance with the financial performance of the long term.

Target audience: Executives in asset intensive industries.

Key takeways: 

  • How to deploy asset strategies that reduce risks and uncertainty in business operations while increasing revenue through optimal assets’ operational performance.
  • How to extend asset lifecycle and reduce operational downtime and associated costs.
  • How to find the right balance between your CAPEX and OPEX strategy.

Language: French


Witold Krasny

Sr Product Manager        Cosmo Tech 

Vincent Baijot

Sales Devlop Rep, IBM Sustainability Software France

Fabrice Leroy

Solutions Engineer, IBM Sustainability Software 


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IBM & Cosmo Tech joint technology helps businesses develop optimal asset management strategies for meeting financial, sustainable, operational performance and risk level targets over the short, mid and long-term. It is the market-leading solution that allows asset intensive companies to achieve operational and financial targets while balancing competing constraints and meeting broader business goals.