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[Video] How RTE Uses Complex Modeling to Mitigate Risks

[Video] How RTE Uses Complex Modeling to Mitigate Risks

Hear from Pierre Stevenin, R&D at RTE, on how RTE uses complex modeling to ensure long-term performance


  • RTE leverages the Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation Platform to give their R&D team a way to combine both risk analysis and complex systems modeling
  • Their in-house tool, “Mona,” is an asset management tool that helps the team decide how to finance both maintenance and renewal policies, taking into account the risks they need to take
  • With the Cosmo Tech platform, RTE can simulate in real-time the resource, policy, and asset management process systems.
  • In addition to including classical risk metrics, RTE can now include more categories of consequences including cost, safety, and reliability.
  • Two main benefits from using a Prescriptive Simulation Twin:
    • Save money by optimizing the asset management process.
    • Reduce risk by having a better visibility of all the risks that exist at each step.


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