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Resilient Supply Chain Planning

Interactive Checklist

“Disruption is not a short-term situation, but a long-term trend that will most likely accelerate as we face climate change impacts, global power balance shifts and more” _ Gartner’s Disruption Management Survey Reveals What Differentiates Fit From Fragile Supply Chains, March 16, 2021.

Supply chain disruption is the new normal and if there is one thing that the pandemic has taught manufacturers, is the need to make their supply chains more resilient to move ahead of competitors.

After the success of our first supply chain planning checklist, we built an interactive version that will measure the robustness of your strategy and give you personalized recommendations to move toward supply chain resiliency.

The checklist covers a range of themes including strategy, data, disruptions, and scenario planning.

Answer this 2-minute “yes” or “no” questionnaire and:

  1. Identify the characteristics that differentiate resilient from fragile supply chains
  2. Position yourself
  3. Get actionable insights
  4. Make confident decisions and build a thriving supply chain planning strategy

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