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Simulation Digital Twins:
Tackling energy utility challenges

Electricity networks stand on the edge of a new era and will increasingly need to simulate their systems, as well as their wider ecosystem. 360° Simulation Digital Twins will play a central role in enabling them to react in a faster and more agile way, with the visibility and understanding needed to make optimized choices at each stage of the network transformation.

In this eBook you’ll learn:

How Simulation Digital Twins allow energy organizations to take action even under conditions that have never occurred before.

How Europe’s largest electricity TSO is leveraging Simulation Digital Twins in its asset management operational and strategic decision making.

How a leading grid operator explored possibilities to optimize its maintenance of electricity towers with Simulation Digital Twins.

How an energy generator, distributor and retailer in Switzerland used Simulation Digital Twins to extract maximum value from their electricity network.

Learn why Simulation Digital Twins are the game-changing technology for twenty-first century electricity networks.
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What our customers are saying

"For the first time, it was possible for us to plan network equipment renewal with an optimized risk mitigation approach across all network levels."

Lead Strategic Asset Manager, Groupe E

“Simulations showed us the potential of reduction of operational risks by 12%, keeping the same resource allocation.”

Asset Strategist, TenneT

“It is essential to know if the choices we make are robust in the face of some potentially very different evolutionary scenarios. Cosmo Tech’s Simulation Digital Twins allow us to do that.”

Project Director of Asset Management, RTE