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Production Planning and Control- <br>Cosmo Tech & Accenture (Cognite)

Production Planning and Control-
Cosmo Tech & Accenture (Cognite)

Production Planning and Control- Cosmo Tech & Accenture (Cognite)

Contextualized data, AI & Digital Twin Simulation Platform

Cognite, Microsoft and Cosmo Tech build together an intelligent decision-making system to help companies make the best decisions through real-time production line data collection and simulation digital twin.

This use case is an example of product application based on Cosmo Tech Simulation Digital Twin Platform, Microsoft Project Bonsai AI-powered automation platform, and Cognite Data Fusion.

Access now the video and discover how the combination of platforms Cognite Data Fusion, Cosmo Tech Simulation Digital Twins and Microsoft Bonsai is giving the best possible use of available resources to maximize the profit of a coffee production line.