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Production Planning and Control-
SAS & Cosmo Tech

Production Planning and Control- <br>SAS & Cosmo Tech

Production Planning & Control- Cosmo Tech & SAS | Advanced Analytics, AI & AI-Simulation Platform

The use of SAS advanced analytics, AI and Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation Platform bring supply chain resiliency and help businesses:

  • Get real-time insights to resolve most urgent situations 
  • Accelerate both decision-making and the quality delivery of products and services
  • Increase sales and operational efficiency
  • Identify trade-offs with several variable and innumerable technical constraints to find best-fit solutions
  • Optimize service levels, costs and environmental impact 

Together, we directly connect demand planning and forecasting with production and inventory planning. Our proven approach democratizes access to digital supply chain twin simulation and data analytics for enterprise customers.

Watch now and discover how manufacturers make the best use of their available resources using SAS Intelligent Planning Suite and Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation Platform.