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Cosmo Tech GenAI & Simulation

Cosmo Tech GenAI & Simulation

Driving Success in a Complex World: Leveraging GenAI and Simulation to Optimize Decision-Making Under Uncertainty

Cosmo Tech Enterprise Navigator is a virtual assistant that uses Generative AI coupled with simulation to help businesses and industries make optimal decisions in complex and uncertain environments. It achieves this using three main capabilities: the ability to model complex systems, setting goals for desired outcomes and using AI-guided simulation to evaluate millions of decision permutations.

This product demonstration highlights the ability to continuously use the virtual assistant for handling supply chain disruptions. With an intuitive interface facilitating interaction, supply chain managers can model any new disruption, ask any what-if question you want, find whether it still meets their goals and discover the best path forward. The simulation engine evaluates thousands of possibilities and returns the top choices that help achieve the set goals.

The virtual assistant is highly accurate and doesn’t suffer from the hallucinations often found in other AI systems. Thanks to the rapid yet precise answers provided by the virtual assistant, business leaders are able to mitigate risk while maximizing profitability.