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Microsoft relies on Cosmo Tech to enrich its Digital Twins

Microsoft relies on Cosmo Tech to enrich its Digital Twins

Le Mag IT, one of the leading French IT magazines, recently reported on the deepening partnership between technology giant Microsoft and their Azure Digital Twin (ADT) and the growing French start-up specialized in AI-Simulation Technology, highlighting the ways in which the two companies complement each other’s vision.

As the article outlined, Microsoft has never made any secret about its interest in IoT and digital twins. In its catalog, Azure Digital Twins is a PaaS offering for “creating digital twin graphs based on digital models of entire environments,” according to the vendor’s documentation. The objective of the partnership is to add to the Real-Time graph models of the Redmond firm a predictive layer, enabled by Cosmo Tech’s Prescriptive Simulation Twins.


Cosmo Tech’s Prescriptive Simulation Twin complements this PaaS offering, with CEO and co-founder Hugues de Bantel explaining that his company brings the 360-degree, dynamic, and simulated vision that delivers the prescriptive and predictive analytics that ADT customers seek.

One of the keys to this collaboration is the connection of Microsoft’s digital twin ontology to Cosmo Tech’s proprietary CoSML language. “which represents entities, interactions, as well as dynamics and possible scenarios.” Cosmo Tech CEO and Co-Founder, Hugues de Bantel, adds:

“We worked for a few months to connect the DTDL part to our CoSML language and our models. This makes it possible to synchronize information from the real world with simulations made using our technology. DTDL ontologies are static, and we bring a dynamic approach.”

Manufacturing and Energy Applications

While use cases for digital twins are many and varied, Microsoft and Cosmo Tech believe there are clear applications in the manufacturing and energy sectors. Supply chain planner and managers, too, are likely to benefit from the combination of the ADT and the Prescriptive Simulation Twins according to de Bantel:

“We have developed a Prescriptive Simulation Twin that makes it possible – very quickly – to model the entire automotive supply chain, including the means of production, equipment, means of transport, and spare parts to identify bottlenecks rapidly and to be able to best meet a changing demand in an extremely agile way.”

A Deepening Partnership

Microsoft and Cosmo Tech are in the early stages of their partnership but have already found success. As Le Mag IT puts it, “the showcase of this partnership between Microsoft and Cosmo Tech is a use case within the Paris-Saclay agglomeration in collaboration with IRT SystemX. It aims to determine the optimal location of new energy sources and the possible consequences of their deployment on the electricity distribution network.

The market opportunity is enormous and, as the magazine notes, the solution jointly proposed with Cosmo Tech would feed the “enterprise metaverse”.  


The full French article at Le Mag IT is available here.