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Game-Changing IBM Maximo – Cosmo Tech Solution for Asset Management

Game-Changing IBM Maximo – Cosmo Tech Solution for Asset Management

Today, executives  in asset-heavy and process-intensive industries are challenged daily to accurately predict the short- and long-term future of some of the most complex industrial systems. Asset managers face increased pressure to prioritize investment with limited funds in order to solve such challenges as aging infrastructure, regulatory compliance, sustainability, unexpected downtime, and maintenance. 

Decisions based on historical data are no longer effective, nor are postponing investments to save cash in the short term without understanding the long-term consequences they can have. Asset investment planning leaders need to find new ways to make the right operational and strategic choices in today’s uncertain and complex world. 


IBM Maximo Application Suite and Cosmo Tech’s AI-Simulation joint technology offers an entirely new approach to asset management. Together we provide an end-to-end solution that helps businesses not only to respond quickly and maintain business continuity under varying circumstances but also develop robust investment strategies for maximum asset performance over the short, mid- and long-term.

How it works

The combination of IBM Maximo Application Suite and Cosmo Tech Asset represents enormous added value for asset managers. The Cosmo Tech platform connects to asset information from the IBM Maximo Application Suite. Through this integration, asset managers can simulate the complete physical and financial life cycle of their asset network, even under conditions that have never occurred before.

The dynamic model at the heart of the Simulation Digital Twin replicates all resources and constraints, and then simulates hundreds of alternative asset management strategies to determine the optimal strategy to adopt. 

With IBM Maximo Application Suite and Cosmo Tech Asset businesses can:

  • Develop a dynamic model of their entire operational system
  • Alight stakeholders around a common goal
  • Reduce global CAPEX spend
  • Identify the optimal balance between business goals and operational constraints

Lead the future with IBM Maximo – Cosmo Tech Solution for asset management

IBM Maximo Application Suit and Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation is the next-generation asset investment planning and it’s delivering results today. It provides a holistic 360° perspective on the most complex asset intensive organizations and prescribes the best solution from a sea of millions of asset management options.

From strategy to planning to execution, now businesses can develop a dynamic model of their operational system and find the optimal balance between business goals and operational constraints for short, mid- and long-term.

New eBook

Smarter Asset Investment Planning Decisions

Prepare for uncertainty and unlock resiliency and sustainability with IBM and Cosmo Tech – learn how in our new Asset Investment Planning ebook.

Cosmo Tech develops 360° AI-Simulation solutions to solve the most complex industrial problems and guide the decision-making of companies across industries.

Many companies, including Renault, Tennet and Nexans, trust Cosmo Tech to optimize their asset investment strategy.

Our clients report such results as:

  • 12% operational conflict reduction,
  • 75% time reduction in investment planning,
  • 10% savings in their TOTEX, with initial results in as little as 8 weeks.


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Prepare for uncertainty, unlock resiliency & sustainability with IBM Maximo and Cosmo Tech.

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