Cosmo Tech

2021 Energy Tech Challengers Finalist

2021 Energy Tech Challengers Finalist

Energy Tech Challengers 2022

Cosmo Tech is a Top 30 finalist in the 2021 Energy Tech Challengers competition.

We are so proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with thirty of the brightest, most innovative companies in the energy tech space. If you’re new to this corner of the tech world, the Energy Tech Challengers is a global competition that shines a spotlight on start ups that are diving head first into solving the world’s toughest energy challenges. Competitors are split into five main categories: Batteries, Hydrogen, E-Mobility, Digitalization, Automation & AI, and Future Grid.

Cosmo Tech is on the short list in the Future Grid category for the work we’ve done showing how a Prescriptive Simulation Twin can help both the public and private sectors make leaps, and not steps, towards their decarbonization goals.

We head into the final round of the competition in September. Watch this page closely for updates!

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