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Achieving Supply Chain Excellence with SAP IBP and Cosmo Tech

Achieving Supply Chain Excellence with SAP IBP and Cosmo Tech

Supply chain leaders need to anticipate disruptions and mitigate their impacts on global logistics chains. Whether local, regional, or global, shifts in the supply or demand curve can have devastating impacts on supply chains if no advance preparations are in place. Understanding the impacts of these disruptions on manufacturing, delivery, and revenue is essential and mitigating any impact is key to long-term supply chain success.

In this exclusive interview, SAP VP and Global Head of Supply Chain Planning, Manufacturing, and Logistics David Vallejo joins Cosmo Tech Chief Product Officer Nadia Hospital to discuss how the Supply Chain Vulnerability Scan is helping SAP IBP customers achieve supply chain excellence. Learn how AI Simulation drives proactive decision making, helps leaders foresee disruptions and mitigate risk, and achieves both resiliency and sustainability.

Three key takeaways from the interview.


SAP and Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation Vulnerability Scan helps businesses identify and understand potential risks and vulnerabilities in their supply chain. The scan utilizes automated simulations to assess various factors such as resources, transportation lanes, suppliers, and potential weak spots that today are not a problem but may become a problem in the future. This joint offer delivers enormous complementary value to SAP Integrated Business Planning customers who can leverage the power of simulation to understand their exposure to supply chain risk.


Proactive risk management is key to successful supply chain planning and execution, and businesses need to understand and prioritize any potential vulnerabilities in their supply chains to be better prepared for future disruptions. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, chip shortages, and transportation capacity issues, businesses increasingly realize the importance of anticipating and mitigating risks in their supply chains to maintain a competitive advantage.


There is a competitive advantage to be gained by meeting environmental sustainability and supply chain resiliency goals concurrently. By integrating data on sustainability factors like carbon footprint, waste, water, and energy into the vulnerability scan, businesses can make better-informed decisions and investments to create a more resilient and sustainable supply chain. Leading companies are already exploring this direction and see technology solutions like Cosmo Tech’s AI-Simulation as a means to achieve a more risk-resilient and sustainable supply chain.