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Is your Asset Management strategy broken?

From asset reliability to profitable investment planning over the long-term

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Achieve true digital transformation to drive decision-making and investment planning over the long-term

Modern asset-intensive organizations are progressively depending on physical assets to create value and deliver business objectives while balancing financial costs, risk level and asset performance. In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, for an organization to survive and grow, it must be able to reimagine its operations, services, and products at the interconnection of physical and digital assets.

Traditional approach to long-term asset investment planning (AIP)

Asset Management software (EAM, APM, AIP) can have a transformational impact on business operations, given their ability to collect and centralize information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) data, as well as to predict failures by harnessing the increasing AI capabilities. However, when making important asset investment decisions, organizations still struggle to derive key insights from the high volume of operational data and improve their understanding on how to solve complex problems and find the optimal business scenario.
Traditional approach to long-term asset investment planning (AIP)

Increase the value of existing systems

The main limitation with these traditional approaches is that they provide organizations with a static and limited view of the state of their assets and how they are connected across the entire ecosystem. AI-based solutions perform great in simple, well-defined problems. But in the context of complex decision-making processes, prescriptive analytics need to provide additional capabilities such as: the ability to identify most critical elements (sensitivity analysis), assess decision risks (uncertainty analysis) and prescribe the most appropriate actions (automatic optimization).
Increase the value of existing systems

There is a better way 

Simulation Digital Twin technology is the next logical step in the evolution of strategic asset management tools. Simulation provides capabilities that change the traditional way of how we look at the asset condition and performance. 

It enables a new generation of advanced predictive and prescriptive simulations. 

Cosmo Tech provides a 360° and forward-looking view of the dynamic behavior of the most complex organizations, comprising hundreds of individual assets, processes, and resources, to simulate business strategies even under conditions that have never occurred before.  Our solution runs unlimited scenarios to anticipate all possible situations, detect new ways to achieve objectives and automatically obtain the best plan to reach the goals set.



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Deep dive into the Cosmo Tech Asset solution designed for enterprises seeking to optimize their operational efficiency, strategic planning, asset management, and asset performance.

Case Study

Explore how a manufacturer optimised industrial asset investments and controlled risk to determine the optimal maintenance and renewal planning, for different time horizon.


Learn how Cosmo Tech’s Simulation Digital Twin Platform helps asset-intensive organizations build a resilient supply chain equipped to handle the unpredictable.