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More and more companies are using digital twins to transform, but digital twins have evolved a lot in the past few years. Deep Dive into Enterprise Digital Twins. Get your free ebook

What is an Enterprise Digital Twin?

A new class of software that models and simulates your organization’s demands and constraints at every level. You can optimize your operational efficiency and engage resources based on accurate and reliable simulation outcomes.



WHAT-IF scenarios: test the impact of cascading effects anywhere and predict performance by adjusting the parameters of your digital twin.

HOW-TO optimizations: get the optimal action plan for meeting your KPIs.

The insights that our Enterprise Digital Twins offer to decision-makers are a direct result of the decades of fundamental research that underlie our technology

Evolution of digital-twin technology

Enterprise Digital Twins are a new class of software that create a dynamic replica of your business and operational systems. An Enterprise Digital Twin models and simulates the demands and constraints of your organization at every level, generating a customized action plan designed to meet your KPIs . You can optimize operational efficiency and engage resources based on accurate data and reliable simulation outcomes.

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Enterprise Digital Twins Platform

Our Software Platform is the common foundation that allows Cosmo Tech to deliver high-performance, industry-specific, and scalable applications fast.

System-level predictions

Expand your Enterprise Digital Twin deployment from one asset or process to a more global view of your entire system. Our proprietary CosML technology can simulate all aspects of your complex industrial system which enables you to evaluate and optimize the impact of any change holistically.

Tactical granularity of data for explainable forecasts

Predict future realities and get immediate access to detailed views of every element of your system. Benefit from the granular representations of how your system functions and evolves. Understand every causal link.

Simulation and optimization for optimal & robust strategies

Go beyond situational awareness and predictions based on historical data. Simulate data of a future considering perturbations and the impacts of cascading effects that you need to identify optimal alternative strategies.
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Augmented Intelligence

Augmented Intelligence

We are experts in Augmented Intelligence, a deep tech domain which focuses on the complementary power of artificial intelligence and human expertise, combining expertise and algorithms, brain power and computing power. Discover more with our podcast.

Industrial Applications



Balancing production against demand is the challenge of every manufacturer in a world where Industry 4.0 is less a buzzword and more a daily reality.
Energy & Utilities

Energy & Utilities

TSOs, DSOs, and other utilities face the concurrent challenges of a wall of investment, a wave of retiring workers, and a clean energy transition that is challenging the fundamentals of their business like never before.


Infrastructure, maintenance, network investments, scheduling, and multimodal connectivity are just some of the challenges faced by the modern transportation and mobility operator.