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Multiple challenges, One Digital Twin offer

Cosmo Tech Agile+

A 3-option offer built on the recurring challenges we address for our manufacturing customers.

Uncertainty is as inevitable as it is unprofitable and in today’s volatile and complex world it is getting worse. Unexpected disruptions make all of your nice plans obsolete.
As a manufacturer, you know this is especially true. Companies that can be agile in the face of this uncertainty are the companies that will succeed.
The Cosmo Tech Agile+ offer helps manufacturers become resilient and agile in the face of uncertainty and complexity.

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3 Pre-packaged solutions to address Today's most complex challenges

Asset Investment Planning

Simulate your asset management strategies and anticipate their cascading effects in an ever-evolving uncertain business environment.

Production Planning & Control

Make informed decisions to best manage uncertainty and complexity of today Supply Chain.

Strategic Sourcing / Network Design

Optimize your Sourcing Strategies to Maximize Profit & Service Levels
Digital twin offer
Efficiency increase
Cost reduction
Profit increase

Time-to-Value Timeline

Unplanned downtime in manufacturing is one of the largest causes of lost productivity, causing delays, unhappy customers and lost revenue. In fact, the problem costs industrial manufacturers an estimated $50 billion each year, according to recent studies.

Why choosing Cosmo Tech Agile+?

Companies are complex, constantly evolving entities that depend on the smooth operation of hundreds of distinct parts. Digital Twin technology replicates the dynamic functioning of an organization’s complete operational system, including physical entities, financial assets, human resources, processes, workflows and constraints.

Cosmo Tech Agile+ helps businesses achieve radical agility and resilience through predictive “what-if” simulations and prescriptive “how-to” optimizations.

Harness the power of simulation to address your business challenges with our pre-packaged solutions.

Watch the video and learn more about Cosmo Tech 360° Digital Twin Simulation platform.