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[Webinar]: AI in Grids, use cases in France & Finland

[Webinar]: AI in Grids, use cases in France & Finland

We’re excited to be speaking at the Think Smartgrids webinar “AI in GRIDS, use cases in France and Finland” on November 20, 2020 at 9A.M. (CET). Our Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, Michel Morvan, will discuss challenges, solutions and demonstrates how AI is helping utility companies improve their electricity transmission & distribution.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is widely expected to become vital to just about everything. It is for that reason that in 2018, the governments of France and Finland recognised the importance of bilateral cooperation in the area of AI and agreed on working jointly to develop and promote joint recommendations in the area of AI, including financial issues for AI infrastructures, both at the national and at the European Union level.

NB: You must be a Think Smartgrids member to attend this event.

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