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Smart Factory League 2021 Summit

Smart Factory League 2021 Summit

We’re delighted to announce that Cosmo Tech is going to be one of the Main Sponsors for GIA Global Group’s Smart Factory League Summit this year. This event is taking place on November 8th and 9th, 2021 at Hilton Munich Park Hotel in Munich, Germany.


On Monday, 8th November at 10:20 AM CET, our Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Michel Morvan will present a case study on “Overcoming Uncertainty with Digital Twin Simulation”, featuring the following topics:

  • How predicting the future based on the past alone doesn’t work
  • Hybrid AI
  • Case studies from the automotive industry


The next day, 9th November at 11:00 AM CET, he will be moderating a roundtable discussion on “Back to the Future: Simulation Digital Twins in Manufacturing”, which aims to help business leaders go beyond what past data can provide, build resilience in uncertain times, and make more confident decisions.

About the Event

The Smart Factory League Summit offers an amazing platform for industry experts to share their knowledge, examine current issues, discuss how to manage the training, recruitment and retention of the future workforce, and delve into the latest trends for Smart Factories. Some of the key topics for this year include:

  • The future of manufacturing
  • Human-Robot collaboration in Industry 4.0
  • Integrating hybrid manufacturing processes via the digital thread
  • AR/VR in production
  • Digital twins
  • Green plant
  • Advanced Data Analytics for Smart Factory


Does the idea of having a smarter manufacturing strategy appeal to you? Well then, this is your cue to grab your badge now!