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Salon de l’Intelligence Artificielle

Salon de l’Intelligence Artificielle

Join Cosmo Tech at SIA – Salon de l’Intelligence Artificielle on June 16-17. This year, the trade show is going virtual!

On June 17th at 2pm CET, Michel Morvan, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at Cosmo Tech will give a keynote presentation on “Hybrid AI and Simulation Digital Twins for the factories of tomorrow”. His keynote will be part of the conference’s main theme “Smart Factory”.

Other topics include:

  • Creation of enriched digital twins
  • Machine-to-machine communication connected to the factory network using standards-based automation of the Internet of Things
  • Decentralized decision-making by the Cyber-physics system autonomously.
  • A mechanism to predict failures and issue real-time alerts


We look forward to seeing you there!