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[Webinar] How to reconcile operational & financial performance? The systemic approach to 360° asset lifecycle management

Faced with a critical investment decision, companies still often struggle to extract crucial information from the vast amount of operational and financial data available. However, it is an important exercise to fully understand how to best reconcile the operational performance with the financial performance of the long term.

The next step is to develop tools for the management of strategic assets of the next generation. To do this, we advocate an approach with a solution that combines all the functionalities of asset management tools (APM, AIP) that relies on the latest technologies in data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI ) and simulation of complex systems.

To address these challenges in Asset Investment Planning, IBM and Cosmo Tech is hosting the webinar to discuss how companies can leverage the latest technological advances to optimize their asset strategies, and balance operational and financial performance with systemic approach to 360° asset lifecycle management.


Vincent Baijot: Sales Development Rep Sustainability Software France
Witold Krasny: Sr Product Manager, Cosmo Tech
Fabrice Leroy: Solutions Engineer, IBM Sustainability Software

Join us on November 22 at 11:00 am CET.  Registration is free , We hope to see you there!