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Webinar: Livestream Hour “Factory of the future”

Webinar: Livestream Hour “Factory of the future”

OEMs are shifting more and more to platform strategies – for engineering, for manufacturing, and increasingly for the software and technology used across plants and the supply chain. With networked factories, shared tooling and data, automotive manufacturers gain not only economies of scale but also visibility on production quality, changes and potential errors – as well as the ability to leverage datasets.

Join this free livestream on Wednesday May 26 – 9.30 (EDT) 14.30 (BST) 15.30 (CEST) to hear experts like Michel Morvan, co-founder at Cosmo Tech and Patrick Matthews, Global Powertrain Group Manager and VP of Robotic Systems, ABB as they discuss the potential of advanced software such as simulation digital twins to enhance new opportunities, as well as ensuring the most optimal layouts, workflow and supply chain planning. 

Get insights from manufacturing and automation experts on how developing the fully connected and digital factory of the future, today can help companies enhance their performance.

This livestream will also feature insights from the forthcoming AMS digital edition on the Factory of the Future.