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AI: Fortifying a new technological revolution

AI: Fortifying a new technological revolution

Cosmo Tech co-founder and Executive Chairman Michel Morvan will join a panel of elite artificial intelligence and tech industry thought leaders on November 23 at the annual “Les États de la France” event in Paris.

Morvan will join François Bourzeix, President of Xerox for France, Belgium and Luxembourg, Corine de Bilbao, President of Microsoft France and Doris Birkhofer, President of Siemens France, for a high-powered panel on AI and the next technological revolution at 3:50pm. 

Moderated by BFM Business journalist Frédéric Simottel, the discussion is sure to further the debate over the impact that AI has on industry and society, the impact it will have in the future, and the role of France in this global revolution.

This discussion will be one of 14 round tables organized by “Les États de la France”, bringing together over 35 CEOs of foreign companies, ministers and experts around the theme: New geopolitical order, industrial transformation, energy and technological challenges, AI, inflationary tensions: Attractiveness put to the test!

The panel, “AI: Fortifying a new technological revolution will be available on the Les États de la France website on November 23, 2023, from the Palais d’Iena in Paris.